Offering our customers all Transportation Solutions from A to Z, is DLK’s main principle. Therefore DLK is offering it’s broad customer portfolio the most affordable air cargo charter Services, Road transports, Containerized and Conventional sea freight quotations while providing complete and partial transport Services in any of the preferred transport options.

Providing logistics Solutions within any delivery terms the customer requests, DLK offers an exclusive service including international transport, Local and Global Customs Consultancy, bonded transport and transit export Services while monitoring all procurement and operation processes of the related product’s from a single source. As a logistics advisor, DLK also develops the most reason- ably priced and effective transport method according to the HS Code, standards and volume of the commodity.


In addition to International transport operations, DLK offers it’s customers the most effective domestic transport options in price and quality. DLK who is particularly experienced in conventional and Container transport of Nourishment, textile and spare parts to any region in Turkey, has started the delivery operation of TAMEK products to it’s dealers across Turkey in 2014.


Serving a wide customer portfolio mainly in automotive, DLK has been transporting it’s customers wares with it’s own specialized staff by driving to any part of the world according to it’s customers request. Giving “by driving” and on-truck” transport Services to global customers like ISUZU and TEMSA, DLK has been carrying all varieties of heavy vehicles, trucks and busses to all regions in Turkey and around the world. Our delivery process starts with picking up the vehicle at the production fine and ends at the final delivery address. Delivering the vehicle to any address in the world, DLK provides a complete service by handling all local and international road permits, customs and warehousing operations.


Having gained experience in the automotive field over the last 30 years, DLK is providing safety for all commodities while granting it’s customers a “ready to delivery” warehousing service on top of our delivery and customs consultancy operations. Performing it’s operations in a warehouse located close to the Automotive Specialized Customs Directorate, DLK provides a detailed Pre Delivery Inspection service with it’s specialized staff to all automotive products ranging from heavy vehicles to Passenger Cars. Serving with a professional personnel in a warehouse with a capacity of thousand five hundred vehicles, DLK performs a selective Pre Delivery Inspection with a “Zero Damage Control” policy in it’s premises.