Effective Reporting

The most important resource for leading solutions are data analysis and reporting. An activity is started, followed up and concluded.

So, was the process used effectively?

Did everything required to be done performed by all units?

What was the deficit?

How could it be better?

We can group all our reports that you can find the answers of many of your questions such as this and these in three main headings.

Performance Report; We are presenting the process and its units (Shipping Agent, warehouse, company, finance, Customs Consultant etc.) with its each phase by following up the whole process until installation of goods to the delivery.

Activity Report; we assess all details together with our transactions with speci?c periods. We lead you to decide forward looking by comparing the conditions with the past periods.

How much delivered from which goods?

What was your volume of foreign trade?

How many declarations have been created?

Which delivery and payments forms have been used?

Which suppliers have been worked with?

And you’ll find many answers of your questions with that report.

Cost Report; the costs of your activities are presented to you by reducing the items of goods in your abroad bill. You can see and manage all your costs together.