Technological Eases


Interactive Customs Consultancy

DLK also offers internet service for contracted companies. In DLK website, internet access is always available in “Customer Login” part with de?ned user name and passport. While each stage of the transactions can be followed online, operation process, declarations, taxes, reports created on behalf of the customer regarding the current and previous periods can be displayed; and an environment is offered getting involved to in is possible in each stage.

tech2Electronic Transfers

All documents coming from our customers (in forms of txt, excel, pdf) are transferred to the system of DLK. They are stored at the background in the basis of part number and it’s provided act of writing of declaration without any mistakes and being dependent on people.

Do you know how?

Only by clicking on a button.

In this way, we can reduce your costs with time and labor savings.In addition, you can access to any file in a quick and easy way from the Client login on the internet by our e-archive system when you want.Remember, you’ll have time and place savings next to the easy access to the system whenever you want.