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They have chosen DLK;

DLK carries our services without any problems and completes our transactions with a proactive approach as fast as they can since the day we started to get service from DLK. The company staff is really expert, accessible and can respond to all of our urgent needs in a very short time and help us to reach the accurate information. DLK that manages to provide boutique service together with professionalism provides us to move forward more confidently with its presence and support.

Ural İnal, Temsa, Financial Director

We, as Volvo Parts Distribution Center have always had full satisfaction and efficiency during our long term studies with DLK Customs Consultancy Inc. We are getting unlimited support in the issue of operation sustainability thanks to their disciplined, follower business approaches.DLK has been one of the most important players in reaching the desired goals thanks to its customer satisfaction and solution-oriented work principles. Their accessibility and readiness for all our demands strengthens the solution partnership with DLK.

Janset Akyurt, Volvo, Customer Service Manager

We, as Denso Automotive Parts Industry Co., Ltd. continue to work with DLK without interruption since 2002 that we had founded and got all customs brokerage services and foreign trade services. Our reasons to work with DLK are their business experience, quality of personnel, technological equipment, reliable and friendly relations among institutions, especially structure of them protecting our rights in customs practices, warning system after analyzing problems perfectly, help us in completing our shortcomings and getting a high-quality service in general for long years. We had a very high score and thanked in the inspection in 2011. We owe this success with vitiligo as a team with DLK.

Nurgül Ünsal Yasar, Denso, Import & Export Manager

They provide us full support in all services such as correct declaration, job tracking, IT infrastructure, ease of communication, strong legislative service for many years that we are working with DLK Customs Consultancy Inc.

Fatih Tunçbilek, Brisa, Supply Chain Director